How it Works

Community Supported Agricultureharvesting vegetables

is a way to connect families to their food source.  You become a subscriber to our farm through the purchase of a seasonal produce share.  In return, you receive a wonderful variety of organically raised produce from each week’s harvest throughout the growing season.   Included are ample vegetables and herbs that vary by time of year, uniting body, mind and spirit with the seasons.

The CSA model “connects” your family to its food, the land on which it’s grown and the soil’s caretakers.  It provides an alternative to a food supply chain that has overtaken so much of our lifestyle.  It creates an awareness of the rewards and risks of farming and the important role that it plays in feeding our families.  Finally, it underscores the values that have long established our connection between food and faith.

The Harvest Cycle …

Harvest CycleVegetable crop harvests always vary across the season based on the amount of sunlight, water and temperature at a given time of year. Accordingly, the content of weekly deliveries “evolves” throughout the season to include items that are naturally ready for harvest at that time.  Examples of seasonal variation may be found here.

How Your Shares Get To You

For each delivery at a designated day and time, you pick up your share from a distribution site within your community.  We also offer home delivery in some areas. Please check with us for this year’s pickup times and locations.  If you will miss a pickup, please let us know, as we are happy to donate that week’s share.

Weekly Notification …

Each week (or on your week if you are an every other week subscriber), you will receive an email reminding you of your pick up the day before it is scheduled to occur.  For every-other-week subscribers, you will receive this email only in the “A” or “B” week in which you are designated. (If you are in Group B, we’ll let you know that right away)  When you receive your reminder email, it will also list the likely produce in that week’s delivery.  We’re usually around 90% accurate. The reason for this is that we harvest within 24-48 hours of delivery in order to keep produce extremely fresh, and there are times that we may make a last minute decision to defer harvesting a certain crop for reasons like maturity, etc.

On the day of our deliveries, we also send via email a weekly newsletter.  It includes a list and description of each vegetable in that week’s delivery along with recipes that involve those vegetables.  We also write a column on farm activities as well as thoughts about farming and agriculture in relation to the environment, food supply, sustainability and food insecurity (an important topic).  We hope you enjoy it.

Generally, our Chicago area deliveries generally occur on Wednesdays each week, and our Madison and Milwaukee area deliveries on Thursdays.  We have a growing number of current season delivery sites and late each spring will begin scheduling our weekly delivery routes and times in coordination with host sites.  As soon as this is completed, we provide you with the detailed information that you need to know.  For those of you participating in home delivery, we’re also  in touch about the particulars.  When you pick up your vegetables share each week, we also ask that you follow a few simple procedures that will make the process quite painless.  We provide you with these procedures — specific to your pickup location — when we send you the delivery/pickup schedule.