Tikun Olam Share

Tikun Olam ShareDignity. A hard thing to come by when a family is in need. We live in a challenging time. An uncertain economy. Jobs often at r isk. Housing and even the most basic necessities such as food, clothing and diapers unaffordable. Imagine not being able to afford to adequately feed your family or going hungry so that your children may eat. The list is long, and our communities are not immune to these challenges.

Today’s world is complex and presents a challenge to many within our community whom, for any number of possible reasons, are experiencing difficulties. These conditions are very real – even as we see many in our midst living in abundance. Tikun Olam is a Hebrew expression meaning “Repair the World.” It arose from early scholars who viewed family, community and the planet as interconnected and having the mutual responsibility to support and assist each other in times of need. We have an obligation to help those in such a position.

Purchasing a Tikun Olam share is a great way to make a difference. Your suggested tax deductible contribution of $100 (or whatever you can afford to contribute) will be added in its entirety to a fund that is used by a consortium of clergy within the community to purchase food and other basic necessities for families that are known to them to be in significant and bona fide need.

You may purchase a Tikun Olam Share at our online farm stand or by sending a check to the farm payable to the “Tikun Olam Fund.” In turn, you will receive a letter confirming your donation for tax purposes. The Tikun Olam Fund is part of a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.

Doing our share, one act of kindness at a time, is all it takes. Help to repair our world today.