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This web site is for your personal use only, and its copyrighted content may not be copied or used for any other purpose.  The representations on this site are as accurate as possible, but we ask you to acknowledge  that Primrose Valley Farm LLC’s operations and products do change from time to time and may not be fully reflected here on an up-to-date basis.

In subscribing to our various products, you agree that Primrose Valley Farm LLC will do its best to provide high quality vegetables in its deliveries but  acknowledge that farming risks such as weather can result in unpredictable harvest. You agree to share this risk with the farm and acknowledge that delivered shares may reflect any harvest fluctuations that might occur.

If you subscribe to a produce share that you are splitting with another, please be advised that it is your responsibility to split all produce with your sharing party.  We’re happy to include the sharing party in all email communications and newsletter access.

Finally, we cannot refund any unused portion of your subscription cost for a given season.  This policy relates to our need to cover our costs for a specific subscriber count that is limited in number and finalized prior to the beginning of our delivery season.  However, if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, we’ll happily transfer your subscription to another party that you might arrange to take your place.  We also maintain a waiting list for subscribers once the season begins.  If there is another party on this waiting list that is in your area, we’d be delighted to transfer the subscription to that party.

Thank you for your interest in Primrose Valley Farm!

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